About Me

Creativity runs in my veins, it's my passion!


I have an art background and sugar art has become a playground for those skills. I get to sculpt, draw, paint, and most importantly design.


I started decorating cakes in 2011 and have won numerous awards. I have collaborated with sugar artists around the globe for artistic features. I have also been featured in American Cake Decorating Magazine. In 2016 I led a group of Texas artists all the way to The State Fair of Texas where we were featured in the Food Pavilion. I presented at the Celebrity Chef Kitchen in 2016 as I was asked to create a Coca Cola bottle to the representatives of Coca Cola. I have led a charity event for Cooks Children's Hospital. I have been very blessed in my cake career and am now switching to decorated sugar cookies so that I can spend time with my family.

I am dedicated to each order and the personal desires of each client.

Together I look forward to many years of baking, for your family and friends. Cookies are so enjoyable to create with someone in mind. It's the thrill of the surprise and happiness on everyone's face. I put my heart into each cookie and many hours of hard work and they taste like perfection.