A gift certificate with all info and ID number will be emailed to you. May only be used once. 




Very simple and common sense. First use the certificate by January 30th, 2021! That's a little over a year and really we just want to make sure you don't forget you have it right? Second this offer excludes all cookies that are character, trademark, illegal, or naughty. Think 5+colors like the marine I have in my instagram. Those cookies are highly intensive and some are illegal to make like batman, disney, and anything else trademarked. Third and finally just make sure when you order your cookies that the date is available! I have no magic to create cookies on short notice so use the certificate six months in advance if you need to. That's why I have a yearly planner!  That's it, pretty simple. 

Gift Certificate

    We are located in Hudson Oaks.  I work from home making decorated cookies and all visits are by appointment only.  
    Please contact me at
    ThePinkVelvetCookie@gmail.com for more info or call 469-867-0380.
    Order minimum is 2 dozen unless it's a holiday special.